Time Series Terminology

2057 Terminology

Slang for robots of all types. (CopBots, DomoBots, LuggageBots, etc.)

Time technology research using Inter-Momentuary Quantum Physics as the basis for moving objects/people through time and space.

Chron Operator (chron-op)
The technician who handles Outbound and Inbound transfers

The actual piece of machinery that calibrates the time transfers, regulates the duration of the transfer and records the IMP-factor used during the process.

Endorphin Rebound
A cluster of symptoms that occur during End Stage Time Lag. Endorphin surges no longer mitigate lag symptoms, but begin to cause them in increasing intensity.

ETC (Entertainment Time Corporation)
One of the time immersions companies supplying time travel opportunities to the academic community. Rumored to be affliated with Guv (the Government)

ESR (Essential Subject Record) Chip
Implanted at birth, these chips store your personal data. They are frequently updated by visiting an Update Center which will code in and transfer the data to your chip. Update Centers require verification of the data being transferred to forestall the temptation to ‘pad’ your ESR Chip. Removal of or tampering with an ESR Chip is a Grade Four Felony.

Extraction Rover
Time specialist who retrieves the ‘tourist’ at the end of their stay (as determined by Time Order).

A holographic keyboard that displays itself on about any level surface.

Holographic screen that displays in mid-air.

A time transfer returning to original point of origin.

Insertion Rover
Time specialist who escorts a ‘tourist’ to specific place and time as determined by the Time Order.

Interface Attributes
The unique code that assesses the Rover’s time interfaces. Without this code the chron-op cannot contact the Rover, nor initiate transfers.

Inter-Momentuary Quantum Physics
The branch of physics devoted to time travel.

It’s About Time
A small, startup time immersion company that specializies in certain periods of history and caters to affluent travelers who are not academics.

Thumb-sized media storage device. TIC color codes theirs according to task.

A time transfer from ‘the future’ to ‘the past’

A tourist who has evaded the Extraction Rover and remained ‘on site’ longer than determined by their contract.

Penitent Posture
Time Rover slang for the posture one should adopt after time transfer. Also called the “bend over and worship your butt” posture, it is supposed to ensure adequate oxygen to the brain post transfer.

PSI Unit (Personal Security Interface Unit)
A relay device that reads an ESR (Essential Subject Record) Chip. Serves as a personal watchdog in that it can summon aid if you are attacked, relate the ESR of another person including age, job status, sexual history, compatibility rating, marital status, etc. PSI Units come in many forms, the most popular being a wristwatch.

RFW (Reasonable Force Warrant)
Warrant issued by the Time Protocol Board allowing any reasonable force to be used to arrest and return suspects to 2057 providing suspect is not killed or seriously injured in the attempt. (See OFW).

OFW (Open Force Warrant)
Warrant issued by the Time Protocol Board allowing any level of force required to arrest and return suspects to 2057, including death. (See RFW).

TEM Enterprises
Owned by T.E. Morrisey, the genius who invented Fast Forward Time Software, the organization is geared toward time management rather than recreational time travel.

Time Immersion Corporation
One of four main time immersion companies. The others are: ETC (Entertainment Time Corporation), TIM (Time In Motion) and IAT (It’s About Time). TEM Enterprises is a separate entity that rarely offers “recreational” time travel.

Time In Motion
One of the time immerson companies offering “recreational” time travel. Known for outlandish stunts and marketing ploys. Rumored to be affliated with the Time Protocol Board.

Time Interface
A portable piece of technology that allows the Time Rover to initiate time leaps. Most often in the form of a watch.

Time Lag
The physiological effect of moving through space/time. The effect compounds if the body is not subjected to increased endorphins (through sexual activity, consumption of chocolate or vigorous exercise). Advanced time lag causes hallucinations and degenerative changes within the cerebral cortex. End Stage Time Lag usually ends in dementia and institutionalization. See Endorphin Rebound.

Time Order
A document that states the particulars of a tourist’s journey – location/time period, length of stay and who is Insertion Rover.

Time Pod
The enclosure used to ‘move’ people and objects from the future to the past. Time pods are garlic-shaped and go through a ‘maintenance’ cycle after each transfer.

Time Protocol Board
A political entity designed to regulate the time immersion industry. Members are appointed.

Time Rover
Time Specialist who is responsible for the safe insertion and extraction of ‘tourists’ into various time periods. Some specialize in one particular era, others are eclectic.

Time Slip
One of the signs of advanced time lag during which the Rover clearly sees an historical event that is out of sequence to the current time period. Usually triggered by a location or an object. For example: Viewing the Great Fire of London (1666) from the Thames shoreline in 1888. Advanced cases intermingle multiple events in no sequence.

Shifter Terminology

(The) Ascendant
An ancient title that signified ascendancy over all Transitives. Originally created in the Middle Ages, it fell out of favor in the 16th & 17th Centuries during the witch trials. Once an honorary position with little power attached, the Ascendants of the late 19th century changed to a policy of direct intervention and political manipulation. The Ascendant is elected to his position by The Twenty and is removed from it by vote of the same. The Lead Assassin is responsible for the Ascendant’s “departure”.

Banging Skins
Changing forms rapidly

(The) Designated One(s)
The person or persons who will receive the ability upon the death of a Transitive.

En Mirage
The actual act of creating an illusion and maintaining it. It involves forming a mental picture of who/what you wish to emulate and then projecting the image. Physically the Transitive does not change, but a viewer will see and hear the illusion as if it were real.

(The) Intermediary
A member of The Twenty who acts as a conduit between that body and The Ascendant.

(The) Inquirer
The one who leads the Rite de la Mort.

(The) Lead Assassin
The head of the Seven Assassins. It is his task to preserve the Ascendant’s life until called upon to kill him by vote of the Twenty. The Lead Assassin is always a Virtual and cannot become the Ascendant by tradition.

(See Transitive)

Derogatory name for those who do not have the ability to shift.

(See Transitive)

Rite de la Mort (Death Rite)
The ritual during which the Transitive ability is transferred.

Rite Final (The Final Rite)
The ritual during which a Transitive receives Virtual ability. (See Virtual)

(See Transitive)

A person who is capable of mimicking any form they choose. Traditionally, Transitives only mimic other humans, though some have become quite sophisticated in emulating animal forms. Some early shape shifter legends are attributed to Transitive behavior. More rarely, Transitive might choose to go en mirage as an object. By 2057 one is referred to as being “Transitive” rather than being “a Transitive” in acknowledgement of the inherent ability to generate a false image within someone else’s mind. From the Late Latin meaning ‘passing over’.

Different affliations within the Transitives include:

Pucks – hedonistic shifters who engage in group debaucheries and believe that there is no limit to how they may employ their ability

Mystics – Transitives who believe their ability is a gift from God and who see their existence as a grand battle between good and evil

Sombers – dignified members of the community who do not flaunt their ability

Different Forms of Transitive Behavior:

Perceiver – A Transitive capable of discerning when one of their kind is en mirage.

Virtual – A Transitive who has undergone the Rite Final (the second transformation) and survived. Those who do survive the rite are capable of mimicking the environment around them, lending them the air of invisibility. As the mortality rate during the Rite Final is nearly 97%, few Transitives attempt it.

(The) Twenty
A group composed of various members of the aristocracy and the guilds who serve as a “counterweight” to the power of The Ascendant. They elect a new leader when needed, offer him advice and vote him out when he no longer serves the wishes of the Transitive community. One member of the Twenty is a woman, a holdover from an 18th century prank when a member installed his mistress to fill an empty position.

(The) Seven
The number of Transitives required to observe the Rite de la Mort

(The) Seven Assassins
Based on the number of Transitives required for the Rite de la Mort, the Seven Assassins are seconded to The Ascendant. The Lead Assassin is always a Virtual.

The act of traveling outside the body during sleep, allowing the Transitive to view events. Often occurs when Transitive has not shifted on a regular basis.

See Transitive


Drinking Establishments:

*No, this isn’t all of them in the East End by any means. . .
(The) Angel Public House
Angel & Crown Public House
(The) Alma Public House
Bee Hive Public House
Bell Public House
Black Swan Public House
Blue Coat Boy Beer Shop
Bricklayer’s Arms Beer Shop
Britannia Public House
Bull Inn Public House
Frying Pan Public House
George the IV Public House
Golden Heart Public House
Hoop and Grapes Public House
Horn of Plenty Beer Shop
Kings Stores Public House
Nelson Beer Shop
Paul’s Head Public House
Prince Albert Public House
Princess Alice Public House
Queen’s Head Public House
Red Lion Beer Shop
Red Lion Public House
Star Public House
Ten Bells Public House
Three Tuns Public House
Weaver’s Arms Public House
White Hart Public House
White Swan Public House


Batty’s Gardens
Berner Street
Bury Street
Castle Street
Christ Church , Spitalfields
Flower and Dean
Garrick Theater
Kearley & Tonge
(The) Minories
Mitre Square
New Castle Street
Spitalfields Market
St. Botolph’s Church
Doss house
Boozing ken (colloquial term for a pub)


Bull’s-eye lantern
PC (Police Constable) – usually followed by a number, such as PC 47
Leman St. Police Station
Commercial St. Police Station
Bishopsgate Police Station
Wapping Police Station