SOJOURN (Time Rovers – Book 1)

Romantic Times BOOKreviews – 4-1/2 Star Top Pick (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
“Oliver’s first Time Rovers book is a spellbinding, multilayered mystery with a bit of romance that will delight fans. She’s done her research, skillfully recreating the sights and sounds of Victorian England with perfect detail, and she’s equally adept at fast-forwarding into the future. Strong characters and realistic dialogue add to this exciting page-turner.”

 CK2S Kwips and Kritiques – 5 Shamrocks
“Jana G. Oliver combines phenomenal world building with spectacular character development to create a book that is both enjoyable and highly memorable. Highly recommended!”

Sojourn was a wonderful adventure, full of unexpected twists and turns. I encourage you, Reader, to experience this time trip for yourself.”

Baryon Magazine 
“A rousing mystery-adventure…”

Casebook: Jack the Ripper
Sojourn is a rare, well-researched and entertaining tale of time travel set against the backdrop of Victorian England and the Whitechapel Murders.”

Ripper Notes
“Saying that Sojourn is a thoroughly engrossing novel would be a major understatement.”

Robert W. Walker, Author
Sojourn places you in a series of sizzling settings and time periods, primarily in Jack the Ripper territory, all excellently rendered. The end result is a non-stop read that both fascinates and resonates.” Robert W. Walker, author of City for Ransom & Absolute Instinct

Midwest Book Review
“An original and well-crafted story, Sojourn is very highly recommended reading for Sci-Fi buffs and clearly documents Jana G. Oliver as a gifted storyteller and a master of the genre.”

Coffee Time Romance - 5 Coffee Cups
“This is a brilliant novel; blending science fiction, time-travel, the historical, and the paranormal. Ms. Oliver created a fascinating future, while adding spice to the characters of the past without detracting from the social norms of the era. In doing so, she offers a curious twist on the notorious Ripper case. With stunning attention to detail evident on every page, the weaving of past and present is nothing short of amazing. Put this one on your list of absolute must-reads.”

Sci Fi Dimensions 
Sojourn isn’t just another crime novel, it’s a story aspiring to what Jack Finney so fondly and famously did for the Edwardian period in his Time and Again, with a time traveler grown comfortable in a bygone day, despite the dilemmas.

Reviewing the Evidence
“Oliver gives an exquisitely-detailed picture of life in Whitechapel during the autumn of 1888 — the time of the Ripper murders. She doesn’t try to solve the crimes, but rather to show us the sounds and smells of the slums, and the dichotomy of life so evident in late Victorian London. I hope Jacynda’s position with the new corporation remains that of Rover and we go on many more timely adventures with her.”

Eternal Night
“Jana Oliver has created a complex world that combines science fiction with dark fantasy in an original refreshing novel. She has obviously done considerable research into Victorian London giving her story an authenticity and solid foundation from which she has created a superb tale.”


“This is a fascinating take on the time-travel concept. ”

Yet Another Book Review
“Bravo! This book has it all – every reason fiction readers pick up a book. ‘Sojourn’ contains suspense, intrigue, mystery, humor, great plot and characterization, and a blend of genres: science fiction; romance, modern day meets history, and fantasy. An exciting and riveting read. ”

ParaNormal Romance Reviews
“I’m so glad there will be more TIME ROVER books. As the first of the series, all I can say is WOW!”


“A unique and enjoyable romantic time-travel mystery.”

New Mystery Reader
“It’s got a tough, gutsy, quirky heroine. And it’s got a time-travel and shape-shifting sub-plot. A great mix, but one which requires some skill to handle well, and Jana Oliver does that in blue-ribbon style.”

I Love A Mystery
“…one doesn’t have to be a fan of this particular sub-genre to thoroughly enjoy the adventures of a twenty-first century female in the slums of Victorian East London during the days of the most infamous serial killer of all time.”

Crimespree Magazine
“Full of well-drawn characters and a fast- moving plotline, this book was a treat to read. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Jacynda and her 19th-century friends!”

Kerlak Publishing
“This book is a must have for any good science fiction collection.”

Yellow30 Sci-Fi
“Keep an eye on this lady. She’s on the rise in the literary world. Highly recommended.”

“…Sojourn soars, using intimate details of the times to paint vibrant exciting settings. It has a story that carries the reader along from beginning to end. Sojourn leaves one gasping for air, breathless.”

Jack the (Germany)
“Whoever values the works of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Tad Williams, is going to have lots of fun with Sojourn.”

VIRTUAL EVIL (Time Rovers – Book 2)

 Romantic Times BOOKreviews – 4-1/2 Star Top Pick (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
“This is an extraordinary, tightly plotted second chapter in the Time Rovers series. Oliver is a first-class storyteller, able to bring the past to life with atmospheric suspense. She provides enough backstory to make new readers comfortable without boring fans. Strong heroes and chilling villains continue to evolve. Readers are in for a gripping adventure!”

Baryon Magazine
“[Jana Oliver's] characters are strong and immensely likable; her plots are filled with action and plausibility; dialog and details are excellent; and, her books are just damned delights to read.”

Loves Romances and More
“The blend of genres, fully fleshed characters, and various subplots will keep readers riveted. There is something for nearly everyone with time travel for science fiction fans, a type of shape shifter for fantasy fans, the setting of London’s East End during Jack the Ripper’s time for those who love historical fiction, mystery for armchair detectives, and a bit of romance to round it all out. ”

Virtual Evil is a sensory overload of spine tingling adventure and mind-tickling wit.”

Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio
‘Virtual Evil‘ will keep the reader on the edge of their seat and prevent them from doing lesser important stuff like eating, sleeping, and paying attention to their family.”

Eternal Night
“If you love Doctor Who, then this is a must-read.”

MADMAN’S DANCE (Time Rovers – Book 3) 

Romantic Times BOOKreviews – 4-1/2 Star Top Pick (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
“Oliver’s brilliant third Time Rovers novel brings back all of the mayhem that fans have been waiting for. It’s another impressive blend of science fiction, paranormal, mystery and romance. The author is equally comfortable whether she’s writing about the future or providing vivid details of Victorian life. This plot is complex, so readers may want to begin with the first in the series — the better to follow the story through to its stunning conclusion.”

 Sci-Fi Dimensions
“…Oliver truly outdoes herself in a suitably hyper-active finale to the trilogy that will have readers of alternate history, adventure and romance flipping the pages of a work that’s atmospheric, entertaining, and intelligent… Here is a series to get hooked on and to tell your friends about.”